What You Should Know About Trees

Here you can find current and timely information about your trees and choosing a tree care professional:

Choosing a Tree Care Professional

What you should be aware of when choosing and interviewing a Tree Care Professional in Texas

Tips for Helping Your Trees In Times of Drought!
Timely advice on helping your trees through the current drought conditions by the Texas Forest Service.

What is that thing growing on the trunk of my tree!

Wonder what that strange thing is growing on your tree?  Is it bad?  Good information on tree decay organisms and what the mean for your trees.


Proper Pruning tree care

The Laws

City of San Antonio

Trees are an important part of the beauty, ecology and quality of life for the people and businesses in San Antonio.  Because it is important this crucial resource is cared for and protected in responsible ways, the City of San Antonio has adopted the Tree Preservation Ordinance.  This is the law governing tree removal and maintenance for residence as well as commercial property owners and those who maintain them.  Here is a link to the City's website and the Tree Preservation Ordinance.

Other Municipalities Requirements & Ordinances

Whether you maintain trees in the City of San Antonio or in other local area municipalities, there are ordinances, permits and other requirements you need to be familiar with before you do any tree work.  See a list of ordinances and fees here.

For more information on these and other areas in Texas, see International Society of Arboriculture's list of tree ordinances here.
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